When you start reading stuff, you know that not all that you read is the truth. Most of it, is just an opinion of someone at any given time.

Now, when it comes to science or some ancient story for instance, we almost have to believe what someone ever told us and take it for the truth.

This 'truth' keeps on living for hundreds of years and no one ever questions it again.

I know now that most of these stories are not at all what they want us to believe. In fact, nearly every story that you question through the pendulum, will tell you an another version of it. Almost every time you notice that there is 'a lie' - make it a personal opinion of the auther that assumes that he is telling the truth - in the story.

In my Magnum Opus, I bundle stories with the answers from the pendulum. This book is not a static book, but I will keep on posting new stories in it.

Buy it once, keep on reading it for years to come.

With every update, you will be informed and you can download a new copy.