1Where does the pendulum get its answers from?
2Is time traveling possible?
3Is the Shugborough inscription real of fake?
4Is there anything special about the Bermunda triangle?
5Does the monster of Loch Ness exist or has it ever existed?
6Does the bigfoot exist?
7Is the Mackenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars true or fake?
8Do Poltergeists exist?
9Is the Roswell incident true or fake?
10Was the man with the Iron mask in Paris Bastille prison related to the French king Louis XIV?
11Do the Men in Black really exist?
12What’s the truth behind the 1995 alien autopsy video?
13Was Operation Majestic 12 true of fake?
14Does The Flying Dutchman really exists?
15Does The Mothman exist or is it just a myth?
16Did The Valentich Incident really took place? And was there an UFO involved?
17Is there really a ghost in Deerpark CBS School, Cork Ireland?
18Did the vampire of Venice really exist?
19Are the stone spheres of Costa Rica real?
20Are the Olmec colossal heads real?
21Was the crash of MH370 an intentional act?
22Is Global Warming real?
23Do the Beale cipher lead us to a buried treasure of gold, silver and jewels?
24Does the Chupacabra exist?
25Did the Jersey devil really exist?
26Did the Dover demon really exist?
27Does the ogopogo exist?
28Does the Flatwood monster exist?
29Does the owlman exist?
30Does the Bunyip exist?
31Does the sigbin exist?
32Does the champ monster exist?
33Was the great Amherst mystery true?
34Was the disappearance of Benjamin Bathurst true?
35Does the spook light really exist?
36Has Angela -Geli- Raubal been murdered?
37Is 666 the number of the beast?
38Is it a true story that Ghost hunters record eerie voices and mysterious lights at childrens burial site?
39Are the predictions in horoscopes real?
40Did the Alcatraz escapees survived the jailbreak in 1962?
41Is Noah really a time traveller from 2030?
42Is the UFO found on Scarborough moors real?
43Do the illuminati still exist?

MH370 crash place